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Dec 15, 2023, UK, Scotland

April 25, 2024, USA, California 

From Emily: "I sincerely believe that the way to best help the globe begins with ourselves. I believe that the direction of the world is a direct reflection of us. As we raise our personal frequency through sound, we become a greater positive influence for others. It is my lifelong mission to inspire, touch, and be a positive catalyst for all who I have the pleasure to meet, and may that too, be a transformative experience for all who hear STATE OF BEING." 


STATE OF BEING is a touring concert experience for one vocalist featuring custom commissions written specifically for her unique voice as well as her own compositions. This music asks us to look more deeply at our inner-most self, and invites us to take our next step in shifting our inner state of being within the concert. This contains themes of psychology patterns, healing trauma, technology, and the challenge of finding out who we really are if we look more deeply into the soul and how this effects our current mental state. The audience is brought into a unique sound world and new reality invited to experience the music as an experience where they can make a genuine change. 

In addition to singing onstage, Emily has a deeper mission and vision to raise the frequency of humanity, and the power that sound has to do this. As each person raises their internal frequency, and, for example - steps into their truth beyond the limitations of their past experiences, we allow a more free version of the self to exist which better impacts everyone we meet. Emily is an advocate for expansion on a soul level beyond just the mind. This music will invite listeners to examine their inner world for greater growth and to shift their current "state of being." This production is a gateway to her creation: The MoonRising Platform (

The vocalist will primarily be singing with electronics as this allows her to sing with herself. The total experience is a continuously evolving project with varying pieces depending on the city it is performed in and the global climate of what is happening in the news, although there is a main performance list which serves to be Emily's personal story.


The programmed pieces ask us to reflect personally and to ask and answer questions we have not previously.

Music directed by Gwen Kuhlmann.

With compositions by:

Emily Thorner

Kaley Lane Eaton -- USA

Max-Lukas Hundelshausen -- DE

Rob Laidlow --UK

Laura Shipsey --UK
Luciano Berio --IT


For a full program of the original STATE OF BEING, click here.


Past and Present performances of SOB:
ECU - North Carolina, USA, ECU - Nov 2022
"The Night With" -Scotland, UK - Dec 2023

UC Davis - California, USA - April 2024

MoonRising LLC

In the same vision and purpose, Emily also is the Founder & CEO of MoonRising LLC - a business devoted to helping you live in your highest potential. To raise the frequency of humanity on a global scale, she teamed up with UX/UI designers to create a gamified, all-in-one platform dedicated to the journey of the self after previously working with clients on a 1:1 basis and in 15 group programs, and 3 international retreats.

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