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STATE OF BEING is a touring concert experience for voice and (mostly) electronics featuring commissions by composers from the United States, UK, Germany, and Norway. This music deals with themes of looking within, illusion, distortion, the inner-most self, and the challenge of questioning what is real vs. what is imaginary. The music follows the journey of one woman questioning and exploring her own reality, both within herself and through the stories of others. As a result, the audience is brought into a unique sound world and new reality, where they must also begin to question their own perspectives about life both in terms of what they see on the outside, and who they are internally.


The vocalist will primarily be singing with electronics, although one piece will have her accompany herself on music box, which evokes a certain nostalgia, bringing her back to herself. The programmed pieces range from the journey of the soul to looking at reality through the perspective of another. "What do we discover if we look at life from a new angle?" "What happens if we look more deeply within ourselves than we have before?" Life teaches us that if you flip a coin, there are only two possibilities, but, what if the coin never comes down at all?

With compositions by:

Alex Mills -- UK

James Joslin --UK

Kaley Lane Eaton -- USA

Martyna Kosecka -- Poland/Iran/Norway

Max-Lukas Hundelshausen -- DE

Rob Laidlow --UK