STATE OF BEING is a touring concert experience for one vocalist featuring custom commissions written specifically for her voice and this project. This music asks us to look more deeply at our inner-most self, and contains themes of illusion, distortion, psychology, technology, questioning what is real vs. what is imaginary, and the challenge of finding out who we really are if we look more deeply into the soul and how this effects our current mental state. This will be answered through different angles from the lens of composers from the UK, Germany, United States, and Norway. 

In addition to singing onstage, Emily doubles as a healer (Reiki Master/past life healing) and is on a mission to help others to heal their past trauma, to step into the best version of themselves, and to discover who they truly are on the deepest level--this music will urge listeners to examine exactly this about themselves. 

STATE OF BEING follows the journey of one woman questioning and exploring her own reality, both within herself and through the stories of others. As a result, the audience is brought into a unique sound world and new reality, where they are invited to process their own perspective and reality about life both in terms of who they are internally and how technology affects how well we know ourselves (one piece will also be composed with artificial intelligence.)

The vocalist will primarily be singing with electronics, although some will have her playing various instruments including music box, which evokes a certain nostalgia, bringing her back to herself. The programmed pieces ask us to reflect personally: "Do we really know ourselves at the soul-level, and how does technology today affect this?" "What am I supposed to learn in this lifetime?" "What happens if we look more deeply at the darkest parts within ourselves than we have before?"

With compositions by:

Alex Mills -- UK

James Joslin --UK

Kaley Lane Eaton -- USA

Martyna Kosecka -- Poland/Iran/Norway

Max-Lukas Hundelshausen -- DE

Rob Laidlow --UK


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(Click image to hear AIR from STATE OF BEING by Max Hundelshausen)